Avoid these things to make your beloved happy

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We all want everyone to appreciate and value us. For this, we should try hard not to hurt other’s feelings. But sometimes unintentionally your behavior sounds very rude to others.

Even we do not realize this. So we have created a list for you that helps you to learn about the things you need to stop doing.

  1. When you are out with your friends or family. Try to avoid your phone as much as you can. If it is not an important call or text then do not receive it. 
  1. You should not be late when you promised someone to be at that time. The person feels very unimportant if you did not come at the fixed time.
  1. If you have an important topic to discuss. Rather than texting, you have to pick up the call or arrange a meeting. It is much easier to text someone but meeting with someone or calling someone built a special relationship. 
  1. When a person texts you to know how your day is? He/she does not really want you to explain to him/her about your day. They just want to start a conversation with you. And your texting makes them bored. 

By following these simple acts, you can develop a healthy and beautiful relationship with your friends and family.

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