Ideas for Students to Spread Positivity in your School

Students spend a big part of their day in schools. They can practice lots of good deeds there. This is a great idea that can help to spread positivity. Doing good things can help students to build healthy relationships with their fellow friends. 

Here are some ideas that you can follow to spread positivity in your school.

Kindness is the best way to express your generosity towards others. You should develop a habit of saying hello to everyone in school and spread kindness. 

Try to be a helping hand. You can help your friends with homework and many other things. 

Clean the surrounding with your friends. It will raise awareness among other students about cleanliness and they will do the same.

You can teach your classmates about kindness and encourage them to do so. 

You and your classmates can volunteer to join an organization. You can join any organization that is working for elders, animal care, helping people with disabilities, or any other issue. 

Collect the books of your previous year and donate them to someone who needs them.

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