Steps to Clean your Hometown

Assorted Color Plastic Trash Bins

Cleanliness is necessary since always but now becomes more crucially significant during a pandemic. We are taking every step to clean ourselves and our home. 

Unfortunately, people are ignoring their surroundings. Our cities are not as clean as our homes. It’s not a good thing and can be a cause of spreading the various deadly disease. People clean their houses and throw garbage anywhere outside. This is making our society extremely messy.

We should consider the cleanliness of their country as well.  It’s our social responsibility to keep the town clean. 

Never ignore garbage or dirty roads. You can do the cleaning It by yourself or can call municipal corporation workers for this purpose.

We should also avoid littering and dispose of garbage on streets, roads, and water bodies. The government of every country has place dustbins everywhere for the use of the public. Use them.

Make a habit of sorting your garbage as it’s an effective way to control the disposal of trash. You can sort them as biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash.

Diarrhea is a deadly disease causing the deaths of homeless children. This deadly disease caused by dirty hands. Therefore we should wash our hands properly and frequently.

Reuse and recycle can also reduce the amount of garbage from our society. 

Start following these measures and also convince your family and friends to do the same. Many of them will follow you by themselve and you will see a radical change in your surrounding.

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