Community Crises Services and Food Bank in Lowa City

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Community Crises Services and Food Bank works voluntarily to provide immediate support to people who are facing emotional, food, or financial crises. It is a volunteer-driven organization based in Lowa City.

This organization helps people who are facing difficult situations. The members of Community Crises Services and Food Bank are passionate and always ready to support and treat individuals who are in help. For this purpose, they have organized special Food Bank, Crises Services, and Basic Needs Programs.

Their staff members are passionate about treating individuals in the time of crisis. They serve the world with the support, time, talent, and treasure of local people and organizations.

Community guides and hire people without discrimination of race, nationality, origin, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other classification. It provides equal rights, opportunity, and access to services, to all humans.

The funds at Community Crisis Services and Food Bank are provided by private donors, the St. Anthony’s Bread Funds, and other Consultation of Religious Communities. Their funds help many families to survive and meet their basic needs. The organization is thankful to all these generous people for helping and supporting them.

They also provide Mobile Crisis Outreach 24/7 in Johson and Lowa counties. This service is also expanded to Louisa, Washington, Keokuk, and Jefferson Counties. These Mobile Crisis Outreach have mental health counselors that go to schools, emergency rooms, public places, homes, or anywhere where someone needs mental guidance.

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