World Hunger is an issue not for reading but there is a need to solve it

Did you ever go through a situation when you have nothing to eat? When your hands trembling with hunger. Can you imagine that pain when your children crying for food in front of you.

How do you feel if your children have not eaten food for a month but you can do nothing. Can you even think about all these situations?

No, we can’t even think about this. What is the hunger in actual we truly don’t know? Hunger can affect people from all walks of life. Children and seniors may be at greater risk of hunger than others. Households with children are more likely to experience food insecurity.

 In a country that wastes billions of pounds of food each year, it’s almost shocking that anyone in America goes hungry. Yet every day, millions of children and adults do not get the meals they need to thrive.

We throw away food that stays in our house for more than a day. This food can be a feast for the one who ate nothing for a month.

God is very kind to us because we are hearing and reading about the world hunger crisis, by seating on our comfortable beds but what does it benefits when after reading about hunger problems we feel sad for a moment and then go back to our life.

Why people are making other people aware of this problem. why there are a dozen articles about this issue?

Because there is a need to overcome this global problem and to feed the hungry souls. Feed the poor people, give them food, find the food bank near your house.

There are many articles on our site which will help you to find a way to feed the hungry and to find food banks near you. Tap the link and find how can you play a role in controlling world hunger.

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