The secret donor of our society

Helping others secretly is not easy but if someone does it it is a great task. It is the best form of serving. We should all try to serve others or give charity hiddenly. It can preserve the dignity of those who receive the charity, and also prevents the donor from being boastful.

Some people in our society want to do good deeds without making other people know. The reason is that these people do it only as a good deed and do not want to get praise from other peoples.

The secret donors of our society are doing a good deed by keeping themselves in shadow.  This act gives them eternal happiness and the feeling of goodness. Nobody can ever know who the mystery donor is.

These people find their happiness in helping others. The mystery donors have been giving packets filled with money to local places, in hospitals, outside of schools, etc.

They leave the money where there is someone in need. Not only money but they help people with the needed stuff which they require.

A mystery benefactor has been handing out “surprise bags” (wundertüete) of money—more than €200,000—for local causes in the German city of Brunswick. The bags have been appearing at the regional newspaper the Braunschweiger Zeitung with instructions on which charity the money should go to.

A hospice, churches in need of repair, and a bureau for crime victims are among the causes to have benefitted. The donor’s identity is a mystery.

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