No place is better than a personal home

All living being needs a place to live. Animals can make their houses with their effort at any place and start living but it is a bit difficult with the case of humans. We, humans, need money to built or buy a house.

A house is a place in which we live, a place where we feel comfortable and safe. Living in a personal home can also reduce stress and helps well-being.

A house is significant and necessary for everyone but it is extremely mattering for the homeless. A homeless person can better know the importance of a personal home. A person is considered homeless if he has no place to stay and who is living with friends or family.

Such homeless people can get somewhere from their local council to live. For this purpose, an homeless application is required in order to apply.

Can you think about how happy a homeless man will feel when he gets a home to live?

 There are many people who are trying to provide houses to homeless people. It is also a  great incentive for social integration.

A village providing housing for homeless people has been established on vacant land in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. Its principal sponsor is the social enterprise Social Bite, a café chain that employs homeless people and provides free food to rough sleepers.

Made up of 11 two-bed houses, the village provides a community approach to homelessness. It aims to rehabilitate residents in a safe, supported environment, with full-time support staff to help with training and work placements.

The village has a center where residents can socialize, as well as a communal eating area and kitchen. The intention is that residents will stay for around 12-16 months before moving into permanent housing.

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