Providing clean water to the residents

Water is a great blessing and an essential component of our lives. It is available everywhere for everyone. But the point here is that some people cannot find clean water to drink. There are many areas where millions of people consumed contaminated water.

The consumption of polluted water spreads many diseases such as diarrhea. It is surely not possible for you to give millions with the supply of clean water. But you can take step through your donation. It can save many lives which are being in danger because of drinking polluted water.

Clean water will help the communities to receive a chlorine generator. A chlorine generator produces the chlorine gas which is used to kill any waterborne pathogens that are present in the water. These steps also enable villagers to use water well or other existing sources without causing any health hazards.

CoolDeed Idea: You can help residents by the supply of clean water free of cost. You can also set a water cooler outside your house to help the pedestrians to quench their thirst. 

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