Hold tight and comfort someone with depression

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The ultimate best advice is to listen πŸ’“

Depression is a real risk but treatable disorder that affects a thousand people each day, especially with the current atmosphere like what we are going through right now. 

COVID-19 and what procedure we follow to stay safe at home and be healthy, however it affects people to be at home on their own for their own thoughts, might accelerate the dark thoughts and feelings day by day.

I will highlight some important tips that will help much more to comfort someone with depression, whether this person is your friend or a family member.

On a regular basis the depressed person has support therapy sessions, but due to lockdown. there are a lot of changes that happened.

Listening to him without providing advice can be a great deal for him. And I want to mention that it takes time to actually can reach him/her feeling. 

Also another point I can also mention another point that can help which is:
Another hand to help him in his daily tasks is a great deal:

Daily tasks include cleaning and laundry, etcetera.

Moreover, try to engage him in a daily hobby or activity, That also can give him a new meaning in life.

Establish a regular hobby to become a daily ritual can prevent him from crossing to the WARNING SIGNS AREA.


Depression is real.

Self-harming is also real.

Self-hate is real.

Suicide is real and heartbreaking.

SELF-EDUCATION is important here, to understand do’s and don’ts and what kind of communication we can use with our beloved members, right!!

Lastly, dozens of nonprofit organizations have huge access to assist and educate the people who need help.

They are so dedicated to this aim only.

All the information is available on cooldeeds.org.

Be more kind and hold tight, because they need our support as much as we need them in our lives πŸ’“

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